Active Successful Engagement (ASÉ) CIC is a London based Community Interest Company, Limited by Guarantee and committed to developing and delivering innovative mentoring programmes focused on personal development, community cohesion, resettlement and reintegration of disadvantaged client groups.


Our approach to mentoring is holistic and engaging,  designed to empower and motivate disadvantaged young people and adults while meeting their individual needs.  Mentoring lies to the core of our organisation and our work is focused on rebuilding the lives of children, young people, adults and the elderly, reducing the risk of mental health issues, tackling inequalities and poverty.

Re-energise, Re-engage & Replenish Core Community Values and Principles


ASÉ’s aim is to appropriately respond to the individual needs of all our clients.  We run various mentoring programmes and deliver vocational training embedding mentoring.  We focus on the individual journey to promote personal development and growth.  Our approach helps to transform lives increasing the number of people and families living healthier and happier lives, feeling more confident, and self reliant developing key knowledge and skills they can use to continue to grow, support and transform lives of others around them and effect change.

Our referral process is easy and our programmes are designed to be easily accessible and flexible.  If you wish to make a referral or register for our programmes please Contact Us today. 

Please get in touch to learn more about what we can do for you.

Email: info@asecic.org.uk