What is the i-MATTER Programme about?

i-MATTER represents an innovative and flexible life changing peer mentoring support programme, for disadvantaged, or at risk young people and adults.  The programme provides a holistic approach to effectively engage, guide, re-motivate and empower participants to address multiple complex issues preventing personal progression. 

i-MATTER focuses son implementing SMART Actions Plans and strategies while delivering effective mentoring to support our Mentees and address their individual needs to overcome barriers that are preventing their progression to achieve personal development and growth.

We can deliver tutor led mentoring sessions, activities and workshops to re-engage participants, alongside practical learning and strategies.   Our team of qualified Mentors deliver intensive 1-1 and group mentoring sessions and workshops to re-engage, inspire and empower our Mentees.

Programme duration is adapted to meet our clients’ needs, we carefully tailor the programmes incorporating a range of one day workshops or we design and deliver specific programmes that are flexible and can run from between 6 weeks to 12 months.

ASÉ’s programmes embeds key mentoring techniques to empower and build self-reliance.   Our programmes are designed to further develop Mentees’ communications skills, confidence and help them to build better relationships.  Mentees develop problem solving techniques and utilize mentoring skills effectively, to drive peer mentoring, to further empower themselves and filter through to others creating the ripple effect.